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This level is designed to lay the foundation of your English learning journey. The essential aspects covered during this level are:

  •  Basic syntax and sentence structure in English

  • Relevant vocabulary which will be used in social and professional settings

  • Written and oral literacy in English

  • Building on listening comprehension

  • Practice in speaking in structured conversations

This course is meant for students who wish to achieve higher-level fluency and linguistic proficiency. It focuses on the following key aspects:

  • Advanced vocabulary and grammar

  • Improved conversational and pronunciation skills

  • Analyzing verbal and written English communication

  • Increased development of scholarly skills such as essay writing

This course is designed for those who are fluent in English but have ambitions to improve their skills further or attend academic institutions in the US. This course will help you:

  •  Identify details in and interpret higher-level and more complex audio recordings and texts
  • Participate in persuasive, explanatory, and informational discussions
  • Recognize contrasts and gain pronunciation clarity

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