Our Method

ACE focuses on using proprietary standardized lessons which are taught to fit the needs of each individual student. These personalized and customized teaching methods are visually stimulating and emphasize and encourage student participation. The interactive and dynamic classes include:


Syntax, structure, verb tenses, prepositions, adjective placement, parts of speech, and clauses


Phrasal verbs as well as formal and colloquial terms and idiomatic expressions


Videos, podcasts, TED talks, and comprehensive questions


Stories, conversations, cultural exchanges, hot topics, sports, arts, technology, and more


Exercises for accurate pronunciation of vowels sounds and consonants, syllable stress, reduced vowels and syllables, lip and tongue placement for correct and clear pronunciation, activities for accent reduction and practice techniques to help you communicate confidently.


These activities help assimilate and integrate into American culture. All teaching materials are provided and students do not have to invest in any books.

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